Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fanbook site live!

It's almost been a month since my last update... I was busy working on the copybon, and I'm proud to announce its completion! Hooray! It's also been updated with a fancy new coloured cover. By a stroke of luck, I did the B&W cover in the wrong size, so I decided to make a new one instead, and I'm glad for it!

I like the new cover so much better. While I was at it, I also got a promo site up with some previews. Please click the banner for further info.

To answer some of the previous comments, there are no plans to sell this online at the moment, it all depends on the demand. If you'd be interested in purchasing a copy online, please leave a comment here, and help spread the word if you can. Thank you!


  1. OH GOD THIS COVER IS SOOOO CUUTE T3T; WAnt poster of it too.... This looks so great and I know you've been working hard on it....!!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT. By which I mean I want you to gimme a free copy. Gimmegimmeigmmeigmmeeee T^T

    p.s. gonna pimp this over at my blog <3

  2. The cover is so adorable! Love it! Too bad it's an all-chara gag one though, I was hoping it'll be an R18 E-Luci book. LOL. *gets whacked*

    Still, I'm really interested in buying this. Any idea on how much it'll be? :3