Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some angels

I will not lie, I've always wanted to draw these guys with wings since day one, hahaha... I'm not too happy with a lot of things, especially the colours, which are all over the place. It's too obvious that I abused the layer effects. Gotta try getting colours looking right without relying on Overlay all the time.

Do yourselves a favour and read this gorgeous online graphic novel. It's so beautiful and professional and I want the whole story right now!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Hey guys! Happy new year. I'm not very satisfied with my artwork from last year, so I've a few art-related resolutions I hope to keep:

1. Focus on shapes and keeping things simple. Be less stiff!
2. Practice colouring more. Everyday, if possible.
3. Idea before execution!
4. Draw regularly in the Moleskines I got for Christmas(I got 4!).

The last one is there because I am absolutely terrified of defacing new sketchbooks. I've never owned a Moleskine before this either, so the pressure is doubled!

Here are some artworks I did since the new year.

Lucifel and Enoch from El Shaddai!

I also drew some dinosaurs, for no particular reason other than being in the mood to draw dinosaurs.

By the way, Bill Watterson draws the best dinosaurs. =)